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Internship Recommendation Letter

Writing Guide 2023

Are you considering an internship opportunity? Or have you been requested by your student to write a character reference for an internship?


Most of the universities today mandate students to undergo on-the-job training in order to complete their graduation. Our team has carved out the perfect writing guide to help you understand how it goes. You will learn about the significance, key items and tips on how to draft a powerful letter. We have also attached an internship reference letter sample to give you a clear understanding.

Table of Contents

What is an Internship Reference Letter? Why is it important?

letter of recommendation for internship

What Employers Look For In Internship Recommendation Letter?

Internship Reference Letter - Sample

Write your LOR in 5 Steps

Final Checklist

Dos and Don’ts in your Internship Reference Letter


What is an Internship Reference Letter? Why is it important?

Today, undertaking internship opportunities alongside your studies is becoming very popular. The competitive edge of gaining first hand exposure to the industry increases the chance of employability after graduation. In order to apply for an internship at reputed organisations, you have to produce an Internship Recommendation letter. This gives the employers a third-person perspective about the potential and personality of the student. 

Questions You Should Answer Before Writing

Let us look at the important questions you need to answer before structuring your recommendation letter for internship:

How much detail do you have regarding the internship program?

You need to learn about the internship opportunity, the company and the student profile in order to put together a perfect document. The details regarding the job duties, company values, internship application guidelines etc need to be considered before you get started. 

What are the student’s short and long term career goals?

Discuss with the student and gain a fair understanding of the career trajectory. This can help you highlight the student’s competence with respect to the same. You will also be able to structure the reference letter better.

Are there any further documents you need to refer to?

You should collect all the relevant information regarding the academic qualifications, extracurricular activities, etc from the student beforehand. This includes resumes, experience letters and certificates if the student has any.

Are there any specific achievements or incidents that make the student stand out?

You should plan your format which should include anecdotes to support the recommendation. Stories grab the attention of the employers more than generic statements.

letter of recommendation for internship

What Employers Look For In Internship Recommendation Letter?

  • The student’s relationship with the recommender
  • Summary of student’s skills
  • Comparison of the student’s performance and personality to the peers
  • Evidences to back the claims of the recommender
  • The student’s willingness to grow and take initiative
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Internship Reference Letter - Sample

Here is an internship reference letter sample which can help you get started.

Cole William

123 Main Street

Sometown, CA 12345


[email protected]


March 22, 2023


Poppy Jean

Director of Human Resources,

Smart Business Solutions,

123 Business Avenue,

Somecity, GA 54321


Dear Ms Jane,


I am delighted to write this recommendation for Casper Reddington who is applying for the Business Development Internship at your esteemed organisation. I am the Assistant Professor at UCLA and have observed Casper both on professional and personal dimensions from his first semester here.


Anderson School of Management as you know is one of the leading business schools shaping the future leaders of global business. Our extensive curriculum is above average and Casper is among the top 1% of the class from day 1. He is a dedicated student with a sharp mind. His approach to bettering his skills by doing vigorous self study and practice distinguishes him from his peers. 


Casper has exemplary communication skills and works well in teams. He is a Core Member of the Student Council and exhibits qualities of a budding leader. I am certain he is an asset to any organisation. Through high calibre real-world business scenarios like those presented by your company, Casper would be able to put his skills to test and emerge as a sales expert. 


Please contact me through call or email if you have any questions.




Cole William

Download More LOR Samples PDF

Guidelines for Using Samples

When you look at various sample reference letters you will see that it has correctly:

  • Introduced your relationship with the student
  • Highlighted the students strengths and qualities
  • Included incidents or achievements that endorse those qualities
  • Added the contact information

Write your LOR in 5 Steps

You can draft an internship recommendation letter by following these steps:
  1. Do research before you structure the letter
  2. Introduce yourself and the relationship with the students
  3. Add body paragraphs to highlight the skills of the student
  4. You should also provide the contact details
  5. Proofread for errors

Who Is Eligible to Write Your Internship Recommendation Letter?

Your letter of recommendation for an internship can be written by anyone who has played the role of a mentor in your life. This can include professors, counsellors and employers whom you have worked with in close association. 


Final Checklist

  • Do you have enough time to plan the document?
  • Have you gone through the resume and academic qualifications of the student?
  • Is the letter drafted in a professional tone?
  • Are there at least 2 stories or incidents to cite the skills of the student?
  • Have you provided your contact information?

Dos and Don’ts in your Internship Reference Letter


  • Research about the internship program
  • Discuss with the student about the same
  • Obtain all documents to refer before writing
  • Highlight the skills and strengths
  • Add anecdotes to increase authenticity


  • Add vague and generalised sentences
  • Wait until the submission deadline
  • Forget to include contact information
  • Forget to proofread
  • Become repetitive

Tips for Writing

Follow these tips for writing the perfect internship reference letters:
  • Plan and discuss with the student in detail
  • Use an optimistic tone 
  • Avoid repetition and generic statements
  • Focus on the skills and qualities of the student
  • Limit the word count to 400 words.


Now that you have gone through the complete guide, we are certain that you have a fair understanding of internship recommendation letters. The sample we have attached should help you better understand the format that our team uses for writing stellar recommendation letters. Now you can help your students or ex-interns to avail exciting career opportunities alongside their educational pursuits.

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