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Letter of recommendation for MS in business analytics

Letter of Recommendation For MS in Business Analytics

Sample and Writing Guide 2023

Are you planning to specialise in Business Analytics? Or are you looking for ways to spike your application to study Business Analytics?

We have put together the perfect writing guide to help you pursue your educational dreams. Our team of seasoned writers have compiled the key points to consider while obtaining and writing the perfect letter of recommendation for undertaking a PG in Business Analytics. As you scroll, you will also find a sample letter of recommendation for MS in Business Analytics.  

Table of Contents

What is a Letter of Recommendation For Business Analytics? Why is it important?

Sample Letter of Recommendation For MS in Business Analytics

Write your LOR in 5 Steps

Dos and Don’ts in your Letter of Recommendation For Business Analytics

Tips for Writing the Business Analytics LOR


What is a Letter of Recommendation For Business Analytics? Why is it important?

The enrollment process in global universities today requires you to produce letters of recommendation to endorse your potential. This document will give a third-party perspective to the admission offers about the intellectual prowess and the academic calibre of the applicant. Hence, by stating the unique experiences that demonstrate the areas of the applicant’s strength, you can create a greater impact in the reviewers’ minds. 

Resources To Gather Before Writing Your Masters in Business Analytics Recommendation Letter

Now let us look at the inputs you need before you draft an LOR for MS in Business Analytics:

The academic transcripts


Certificates of achievement

Details related to the university and MS program

Skills and top qualities of the applicant

Relevant projects and assignments

Anecdotes that the applicant wants to highlight

What Admission Officers Look For In LOR for MS in Business Analytics?

As Business Analytics is a multidisciplinary study program, admission officers look for evidence of applicant’s academic potential. Hence, the reference letter must elaborate on the quantitative aptitude and technical skills. You can also highlight:

  • Mathematical and computer science proficiency
  • Organisational skills
  • Cognitive and analytical skills
  • Technical competence
  • Expertise in business analytical tools
  • Management skills

Sample Letter of Recommendation For MS in Business Analytics

Here is a sample Academic LOR for MS in Business Analytics for your reference:

Admissions Committee, 

ABC University


March 31, 2023


To whom it may concern,


I am writing this letter with immense pride to recommend Alan Simmons for the MS in Business Analytics programme offered by ABC University. I have interacted with Alan closely during the last two years of his undergraduate degree in Computer Science. In the capacity of a professor, I was able to gauge his academic and personal growth.


Alan struck me as a focused student with a strong motivation to improve. His choice to specialise in Business Analytics enabled our association. His pragmatic and quick problem solving skills helped him stand out from the class. Alan was curious and his habit of delving deep in concepts helped him build a remarkable foundation in Mathematics and Computer Science.


Alan worked on his graduation project under my guidance. I was impressed by his meticulous approach in studying and deducing the concept. He worked on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bring about a massive breakthrough in detecting skin irritations. Alan was selected to present his findings at the international conference where he was appreciated for his intellectual maturity and research skills.


Alan is the Principal Secretary of the university club, Analytrix, a club dedicated to fostering innovative ideas in business data optimisation. This exposure to responsibilities and team building helped him to develop his skills in communication, management and decision making. Alan has a vivacious personality and is a self-driven student, determined to make an impact in the business world.


I recommend Alan for the MS in Business Analytics program at your reputed institution. Kindly do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about Alan.




Maxwell Born, PhD



[email protected] 

Download More LOR Samples PDF

Guidelines for Using Samples

On reviewing samples, you will be able to see the structure of LOR for MS in Business Analytics:


Address the letter to the admission’s council or officers. If you are confused, you can also leave it at “To whom it may concern”.


Start the letter by introducing yourself. Then move onto describing the nature and duration of your relationship with the applicant. 


This section is where the referee has the chance to throw light on the qualities, skills and potential of the applicant. Scroll up to learn about the elements that the admission officers look for specifically in LORs for MS in Business Analytics.


Now you can give the concluding remarks and recommend the applicant for the academic program. At the end you should share your contact details to welcome any clarification from the admissions council.


Write your Letter Of Recommendation in 5 Steps

Follow these steps to craft the perfect reference letter for MS in Business Analytics:


  1. Speak to the applicant and discuss the required details related to the program
  2. Gather all the documents and information of the applicant’s professional journey
  3. Learn about the university and the programme requirements 
  4. Start structuring and drafting the LOR 
  5. Proofread and check for any errors

Who Is Eligible To Write Your LOR for MS in Business Analytics?

There are two types of LORs that can be produced in order to apply for MS in Business Analytics:

Academic LOR

The most optimal referee for your university application is any professor who has taught you Mathematics, Business or Computer Science. Thus, your letter of Recommendation for Business Analytics will describe your statistical and programming skills, problem solving abilities and logical reasoning. 

Professional LOR

Some programs expect applicants to produce letters of recommendation from their employers. These professional reference letters, unlike academic ones, elaborate on the applicant’s ability to work with teams, his professional accountability, leadership qualities, subject knowledge and so on.

letter-of-recommendation-for-ms-in-business-analytics-img6 (1)

Dos and Don’ts in your Letter of Recommendation For Business Analytics


  • Be concise and detail-oriented
  • Provide relevant information
  • Add enough proof 
  • Must be in a positive tone


  • Exceed more than a page
  • Add private or sensitive information
  • Make false claims
  • Copy directly from sample LORs

Tips for Writing the Business Analytics LOR

We have also enlisted a few tips that will come handy while drafting a Business Analytics Recommendation Letter:


  • Stick to the word limit of up to 500 words 
  • Emphasise on the positive traits and skills of the candidate
  • Follow the format if specified by the university
  • Share the LOR before the university deadline
  • Include your contact information 


We believe that by now you have understood everything about drafting a letter of recommendation for business analytics. By sticking to the guidelines, tips and steps we have mentioned above you too can start drafting one to help your colleague or student out!


Get writing!

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