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letter of recommendation for MS in civil engineering

Letter of Recommendation for MS in Civil Engineering

Writing Guide 2023

Are you a civil engineer planning for higher education? Or are you a professional engineer looking to boost your college application?


Either way, we have got it covered. Our guide is prepared carefully to give deep knowledge about writing recommendation letters for civil engineering aspirants. We have a team of professional writers who have collectively pitched to curate this guide that includes a sample, step-by-step guidelines, tips and other relevant information. What are you waiting for?

Table of Contents

What is an LOR for Civil Engineering? Why is it important?

LOR for Civil Engineering - Sample

Write your LOR in 5 Steps


What is an LOR for Civil Engineering? Why is it important?

Skill based professions like engineering demand applicants to produce reference letters to learn about their profile beyond other documents. As personal statements, resumes and college essays are drafted by you, the admission officers are inclined to think that the true representation of your character can be described by someone who has supervised you. Hence, by producing a strong recommendation that states your skills, success stories, positive traits etc will provide a greater momentum than otherwise. 

Questions You Should Answer Before Writing Your Recommendation letter

Now let us look at the questionnaire you need to address before you start writing an LOR for Civil Engineering:

What is the preferred university and program of the applicant?

First you need to gather the details related to the purpose of writing the letter. Writing university and program specific letters of recommendation will give a more focused and refined account of the applicant. Hence, you should learn about the program requirements, university specific guidelines, writing format, etc.

What motivates the applicant to choose this line of study?

The applicant’s key purpose of pursuing the MS in Civil Engineering will give the referee a great extent of knowledge about the long term and short term goals. This can enhance the quality of the application as the admission officers will get an idea that the applicant has a clear and definite vision.

What is the academic/professional background of the applicant?

You should ask the applicant to share copies of the resume, educational qualifications, work experience letters etc. This will give you the accurate information of the applicant’s past and connect the same with the eligibility criteria set by the university. 

What are the applicant’s top positive qualities?

Now to garnish your letter of recommendation for MS in Civil Engineering, you need to provide enough insight into your strengths and qualities to your referee. This can be done in close reference to the program requirements of the university. You should hence spend time with the referee and discuss the potential qualities that will make you the perfect candidate for the opportunity. 

Are there any special achievements or events that will merit the application?

To tweak the application, you can add anecdotes or success stories that shaped your professional journey. This will give the admission officers a proof of how the applicant displays their skill set in real-life scenarios. Hence, you can stand out among the rest of applicants and make your profile unique.

What Admission Officers Look For In Letter of Recommendation for Civil Engineering Students?

You need to highlight the following skills and attributes in an LOR or Civil Engineering:

  • Proficiency in subjects like Mathematics, Science 
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Project management skills
  • Technical skills 
  • Communication skills
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Analytical and research skills

LOR for Civil Engineering - Sample

Below we have attached a sample LOR for MS in Civil Engineering for your reference:

To whom it may concern,


I am writing this reference letter to endorse the candidacy of Amanda Rainer to your esteemed university. Over the three years of my sustained academic relationship with Amanda, I have been able to gauge her brimming potential which can be accelerated with the offerings of the MS in Civil Engineering. 


Amanda was a lively addition to my lectures in Concrete Technology, Earthquake Engineering and Strength of Materials. She initiated a practice of presenting any chosen topic in class and this enhanced the research skills of the batch significantly. In her final year, she took this to the university level where we invited students from across the country to present their findings. 


Amanda was proactive and her ability to grasp complex concepts made her unique. Her diligent and focused approach resulted in her bright academic performance. Additionally, she was deeply involved in the Impact Centre at our university. Amanda was highly regarded for her leadership skills in setting up a training centre in ABC county. This helped more than 300 students from underserved communities to clear SAT exams and pursue their dreams of higher education.


I believe Amanda is the perfect candidate for the MS programme at Goldage University. I vouch for her intellectual prowess and maturity to contribute to the vivacious cohort fostered by your esteemed institution. 


I am available at 444-444-4444 or [email protected] if you have any queries related to Amanda’s candidacy.




Elma Harrison


Blooms University

Download More LOR Samples PDF

Guidelines for Using Samples

On analysing the LOR samples for MS in Civil Engineering, you will notice:

An introductory paragraph elaborating the relationship between the referee and applicant

Body paragraphs to summarise the skills, qualifications and achievements of the applicant


Provide contact information


Write your LOR in 5 Steps

Follow these steps to write the perfect LOR for Civil Engineering:
  1. Connect with the applicant and gather all important details
  2. Do your own research on the university and program requirements
  3. Keep the submission deadline in mind and start structuring
  4. Create the first draft and add all the elements
  5. Proofread and check for any grammatical or spelling mistakes

Who Is Eligible To Write Letter of Recommendation for MS in Civil Engineering?

Based on the person who is drafting your reference letters, there are two types:

Academic LOR

Professional LOR

Drafted by professors
Drafted by supervisor or employer
Should highlight elements like:
  • Academic performance
  • Awards and certificates
  • Research and analytics skills
  • Leadership and team building skills
  • Long term goals
Should highlight elements like:
  • Job responsibilities fulfilled
  • Decision-making skills
  • Multitasking and time management
  • Innovative thinking
  • Team building and leadership skills
  • Management skills

Final Checklist

To make it simpler for you, we have compiled this checklist:
  • Introduction of the referee
  • Relationship of the referee with the applicant
  • Summary of the applicant’s academic/professional performance
  • Skills and top qualities of the candidate 
  • Examples of applicant displaying those skills
  • Closing statement and your recommendation 

Dos and Don’ts in your LOR for Civil Engineering


  • Use a positive tone 
  • Highlight skills and qualities of applicant 
  • Stick to university guidelines
  • Provide specific examples
  • Proofread and edit


  • Exceed more than a page
  • Use a non-professional tone
  • Omit editing or running through spell check
  • Use generic sentences
  • Boast or exaggerate about the applicant

Tips for Writing

We have rounded up these helpful tips that will come to use while writing an LOR for Civil Engineering:
  • Use business letter format 
  • Keep in constant touch with the applicant to learn about the submission process and deadlines
  • Add distinctive stories that can make the application stand out
  • Elaborate on the positives than the negatives 
  • Utilise all the resources to extract inputs that can make the letter more authentic


We hope our writing guide has given you a fair understanding of LORs required to pursue an MS in Civil Engineering. You can share this guide to any of your referees or use this to write a reference letter for your colleague or student. 


Happy Writing! 

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