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Letter of Recommendation For Coworker

Writing Guide 2023

Letter of Recommendation provides a solid influence in deciding your next career step. Be it for higher education or a job switch, you can produce a letter of recommendation written by anyone who has been closely associated with you. Your coworkers are included in that list and here we have prepared the writing guide to help you write one! 

Our guide has been crafted by a team of professional writers who have extensive experience in this domain. Our tips, guidelines together with the sample reference letter for coworkers will help you structure a convincing recommendation for your colleague.

Table of Contents

What is a Reference Letter For Coworker? Why is it important?

Reference Letter For Coworker - Sample

Write your LOR in 6 Steps


What is a Reference Letter For Coworker? Why is it important?

In order to gain a first hand account of an applicant, employers and admission offices require them to submit letters of recommendation. This will help them understand the specific examples of how the applicant contributed to the company’s projects, applicant’s workplace behaviour, core values and beliefs. 


By gaining a greater exposure than a resume, the employer or admission officer can decide if the applicant is the perfect candidate. A letter of recommendation is a document that sets the applicant apart from the rest, giving a competitive edge. 

Questions You Should Answer Before Writing

You have to consider answering these questions before you get started:

What is the purpose of writing this coworker recommendation letter?

Discuss with your colleague about the context of the letter. If it is for a university admission, you need to check the website and programme brochure to learn about the academic opportunity. In case it is for a job switch, you should research the job description and the organisation before starting to write.

Who is the letter addressed to?

According to the purpose, this will change. However, if the coworker wants a generalised reference letter, you can add the salutation as “To whom it may concern”. However, if you have the recipient details, you have to address it to that particular person.

What is the academic qualification of the applicant?

In order to match your coworker’s qualifications with the eligibility criteria, you need to gather the information of their academics. You can request him/her to share their resume and other documents pertaining to their previous education.

What are the specific achievements that need to be highlighted?

In order to make the letter of recommendation more genuine, you need to add stories. Stories distinguish you from the rest of the applications, creating a good impression in the minds of the hiring managers or admission officers.

What A Letter of Recommendation For Coworker Should Include?

Now let’s look at the fundamental elements of a professional letter of recommendation for coworker:
  • Recipient address and date of writing
  • Introduction of the referee and the relationship with the applicant
  • Your recommendation stating the skills and qualities the referee has observed in the coworker
  • Body paragraphs to provide examples of how the applicant portrays those qualities in the workplace
  • Concluding paragraph to close the letter
  • Referee’s contact information to verify the information

Reference Letter For Coworker - Sample

Scroll down to find a letter of recommendation example for endorsing your coworker for a job switch:

March 28, 2023


Iconic Solutions Inc.

123 Business Street

Summercity, FL 98765


To whom it may concern,


I have had the pleasure of working with Jenna Anderson for three years in the US Delivery team at ABC Recruitment Solutions. I am writing this letter in support of her application for the Senior Recruitment Manager position at your esteemed organisation.


I am Steve Bell and I am the Head of US Operations at ABC Recruitment Solutions. I have garnered about more than a decade of experience in the recruitment domain. I have substantial experience working with young recruiters, but Jenna stands out as a role model among her peers. I believe that it is her client management skills and close eye for attention that gives her this leverage.


During her three year tenure in my team, I have closely observed her growth as a professional recruitment consultant. Having joined as an Associate, she now is a Recruitment Manager who manages three associates. 


Jenna is a very fast learner and is very swift in decision making. I remember that in her first year she had closed about five executive positions and assisted in sourcing 6 other operational positions. This was across industries and of various clients which was way above what an average fresher could ever perform. 


Additionally, Jenna is an excellent team player and leader. Her team has been winning the Star Recruiters award in our quarterly office event for the past one year. I believe that her success is attributed to her patience and her high calibre training that she delivers to her team.


Based on these facts, I strongly recommend Jenna for the managerial position at your reputed company. Please contact me at 222-222-2222 or [email protected] if you have any queries. 




Steve Bell

Head of US Operations,

ABC Recruitment Solutions

Download More LOR Samples PDF

Guidelines for Using Samples

Having taken a glance at a sample reference letter for a coworker, you have to follow these guidelines:

Choose the official business letter format to provide the recommendation

Add details only that are relevant to the employer/admission officer

Make sure to gather all the significant details before you sit to write

Do not make the letter too lengthy, ideal to stick to a limit of 500 words

Proofread the letter to avoid making any mistakes or errors 


Write your LOR in 6 Steps

As you have been anticipating, here are the steps you can follow to write a powerful letter of reference for coworker:
  1. Gather all the relevant information required to write the LOR
  2. Introduce yourself and your relationship with the colleague
  3. Add the skills and qualities of the colleague
  4. Provide enough examples to back your claims
  5. Mention how the applicant can add to the university/workplace
  6. Add contact details for further discussion

Who Is Eligible To Write A Letter of Recommendation For Coworker?

A letter of recommendation from a colleague can be from either current or former:
  • Team members
  • Supervisors
  • Managers

Dos and Don’ts in your Reference Letter For Coworker


  • Establish the relationship between the referee and applicant
  • Mention duration, common projects and even accomplishments to increase authenticity
  • Mention illustrations of personality traits and professional ethics displayed by the coworker
  • Match the criteria of the job description or programme requirements to demonstrate applicant’s potential


  • Summarise the resume as is
  • Focus of coworker’s negative traits
  • Provide untrue information
  • Exceed more than a page 

Tips for Writing

Our team has compiled these tips that could help you in writing a recommendation letter for a coworker:
  • Discuss with your coworker to underline the inputs to be added
  • Use specific examples to highlight the skills and abilities
  • Provide accurate and true information
  • Presenting quantifiable achievements would create a greater impact
  • Make sure you proofread and edit carefully


We believe that this writing guide has been beneficial in increasing your understanding of writing a reference letter for a coworker. Our team has put together various guidelines, tips and the sample that would help you get started. 


Happy Writing!

Mr. Sugathan

Mr. Sugathan

Mr. Sugathan is the founder of Professional Writing Services. He is an Army veteran who served the nation for more than two decades. During his tenure, he was involved in a lot of documentation and secretarial works. He has been drafting letters and documents on a daily basis.

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